The Phoenix-

So they pushed you down,
tore you up,
told you to quit,
called it shit.

You believed them,
The hate they spoke.
The heart that broke,
Made it hurt to go on.

You questioned yourself.
Why should I share,
When people just tear
Apart what I give?

So you kept it in,
Faded to a flicker
Almost out.
Your passion succumbing
To their doubt.

Burned in the fires
Melted down
Hammered and beaten,
You almost drown.

But then you see
From the flames that be
All around you.
They do not burn you.

Now Tempered and strong
You see they were wrong.
With more conviction than ever,
Now you know,
Why it is so,
That you create how you do,
Shine like you do,
Burn like you do,
Fly like you do.

Rise up beloved creator
You, Phoenix reborn.
Each word from every hater,
Became a feather to adorn,
Your wings of fire,
That burn straight through
Anything and everything
That isn’t true.

Take flight.
Burn bright.
Give light.
It’s your right.

-Ka Amorastreya