I just launched my Patreon page, and am loving it! This platform is amazing as it connects creatives and those who desire to support art in a way that is revolutionary. I get to share a lot of things I would never share here, or on social media, since it isn’t public. Those who see my posts have a deep interest, and support for my work, so I feel I can be candid and free. It’s an intimate way to connect with me as an artist and watch what I am doing.  I’ve been publishing a lot of progress photos, sharing my process, candid studio tours, and private looks at pieces no one has ever seen. Anything regarding my art is shared there first. I soon will be uploading videos, both musings and instructional, once I get my Vimeo account upgraded.  

How it works: On the right of my page, you will find a column of patronage tier levels. For each tier, there are perks and gifts you will receive in return for your support. The amount you choose will be billed to your credit card or paypal account on the first of every month. The first tier is $2 / month, which gives you access to my patrons only feed. $5 / month gives you extra access plus discounts in my shop. At $10 / month, you get all of that, plus you start to receive goodies in the mail. You can cancel or change the amount you wish to give at any time. Depending on which tier you choose, you will receive prints in the mail, special coupon codes, and access to my Patron-only feed, live sessions, Q&A’s, private videos, and in some cases, original, custom art. 

I post to my page each day, so keep checking in to see what I’ve been able to create with your love and support.