“…All I can say is that in 2011, at dawn at the Temple, watching you dance took my breath away. Please accept my humble thanks for providing a direct connection to the divine. I looked for you this year, but didn’t find you. Sending you 1000 blessings!… In that experience, I discovered a point of consciousness and stillness. I feel like seeing you was the moment I got up on my toe and began to pirouette, out of sheer raucousness and toward grace. We have so many moments that help us blossom, if we allow them to become part of us. Thank you for creating that for me!” – Chris

” I told a friend Ka was performing on the Green in Ashland and she told me of her Burningman experience (from a previous year). My friend was experiencing deep, deep grief. She walked out onto the playa, climbed some stairs, sobbing until she reached the top of the stairs. There, a winged angel wrapped her wings around my friend, held her close and absorbed the grief from her soul…..that winged angel was KA. Thank you Ka.” – Snow

“The last time I saw you honor the bird kingdom with your costumed totem magic I wept with respect.” – Jim