She flew down,
to the rubbled ground,
haunted by loss
her breath the only sound.

She, painted in red
for the blood that was shed
to make a few rich,
so many lives bled.

In search of a seed
to fill this great need
of a new way on Earth
one free from greedHer spear burned blue
to guide her to true
hearts in the bedlam,
where she found you

Where she found me
and our Earth family
we come now together
and plant the peace tree

May our gardens be grown
in our hearts, be it known
between life and gold
only seeds can be sown.


Photography by Jaime Lim
Cinematic Editing by Jaime Lim
Body Paint by Lana Chromium
Make up by Dani Navarro
Head Piece Designer by Ka Amorastreya
Model by Chloe Lloyd

— with Jaime Lim, Chloe Anne Lloyd and Lana Chromium.