Burning Man 2010 was ultimately my best burn ever.  Just having returned from Boom Festival in Portugal, and after 2009’s burn leaving me feeling bruised, jaded and .. well, burned, I had already made up my mind to not go.  Last minute, talked into it by the Lovely Caitlin Naramore (who makes the best chocolates in the world.. I’m giving you your own post after this, sweet thing) we drove out to the Playa, weekend warrior style, arriving on Saturday morning.  My heart dropped it’s most massive burdens in the course of two days there.  I also honored my father and my dear friend Andrea Burden at the temple.  They had both passed through that year.  I had not worn my feathered embodiment, as my heart’s true wings were finally opened wide, yet, Jessica and Ildiko were both flying beautifully in Sunday’s sunrise in the wings I had crafted for them.  A month or so later, I hear that Ildiko is on a full page spread in Paris Vogue magazine.  They had done a full story on Burning Man.  I felt honored.. (and a little dishonored that there was no credit to either her nor I for offering the incredible content, and having them published in a fashion magazine was strange.. since these wings are worlds deeper than fashion, however, the context was suitable. I was flattered, ultimately.) This is the second time these feathered embodiments have made their way into a high fashion magazine, the first time being an issue of US Elle back in 2006.  They assumed I had been inspired by fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, who at the time, I had no idea who he was.  Misrepresented and a little irked at first from the context they had chosen to place me in, after I researched McQueen’s work, I relaxed into feeling rather complemented.   Here is the fabulous photo of the lovely Ildiko Cziglenyi taken by David Mushegain for Vogue magazine.


And just for fun, the first appearance, in US Elle Magazine.