An incredible book by Ken Carey.  My friends have been trying to get me to read it for years.  It blew my mind… and my  heart.  How could so much of my soulful expression be already written down and published in a book?  Reading it, I saw so many of my heartsongs reflected back to me on the pages.  (not to mention the Sacred angelic BIRD embodiment I have been dancing, or that has been dancing me, for about seven years) Yes, we can go through this planetary healing in a beautiful easy way, free of mass suffering, as gentle as a blossom opening, like a heart finally surrendering to love.,, because that is what the healing truly is.  Our massive, collective Divine heart surrendering to the love of God, that is within us.  finally.


“You are the love of the Creator embodied in human form. Through the power of your love, you create.  You are here in the service of universal art to create beauty and to enjoy all that has been created.  The evocation of beauty and the description of truth: this is your purpose.  The purpose of life!  The very purpose of the universe.”  -Ken Carey