One Heart’s Journey, oil on canvas, 18″ x 24″, 2009 – private collection

One Heart’s Journey is a depiction of the transformational journey through destruction into healing and unification.  The bones in the fire are the remnants of the ego before the flames burn that which no longer serves away.  Five deities, Quan Yin, Kali Ma, Yeshua Jesus Christ, Hathor and Buddha surround the fire as guides for the spirit through this dying process, holding compassion and healing as the much needed ego breakdown occurs.  The flames take shape into a vulture spirit, who holds the heart in her beak.  The heart’s essence billows forth as smoke, forming into two rainbow winged serpents emitting a shipibo medicine matrix.  These serpents are symbolic of healing and rebirth.  Out of the flames arising from their wings, the hummingbird phoenix emerges, sipping nectar from Divine Source.  Lilly nectar was painted into the lilly.

This painting is much like any death process one goes through.  We let what ails and holds us back burn away, our prayers bringing us great healing and recoding our DNA, rearranging our brain receptors and creating new neural pathways that allow us to break harmful habits and develop new ways of thinking and responding.   This imagery is also suggestive of an shamanic ayahuasca journey, where one goes through a healing ego death.  Much of the symbology often appears for those who embark on this type of medicine experience, and the shipibo style matrix is akin to the weavings of the Shipibo people, keepers of the ayahuasca lineage.


This painting was commissioned for a soul on a deep healing journey, that brought him from the abyss of self destruction into new life.


One Heart’s Journey


Archival prints of One Heart’s Journey, on canvas or paper, signed by the artist.

Canvas prints are limited edition of 350, hand-signed, numbered and varnished.  Limited edition prints are sold in descending order; prices increase as fewer remain in the edition.

Allow 2 -3 weeks for canvas orders.

  • 8.5×11″ archival paper print – $25
  • 12×16¬†archival paper print – $45
  • 18×24″ rolled (un-stretched canvas) – $350
  • 18×24″ stretched canvas – $400

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