I blow a kiss
Into the abyss
Where it’s too dark to see
Lurking in me

I send letters of love
To the hurts I have shoved
Into the cracks
Behind my back
I offer flowers
To the times I’ve disempowered
Myself or another
Sister or brotherI light a candle
For the pain I can’t handle
To feel all the way through
Or relieve for youI sing a song
To the times I was wrong
I sing to when
I fear failure again

I offer a prayer
To the hidden layer
That lays just under
Truth’s mighty thunder

I hold in embrace
The tender place
In all of us
That asks,
“Am I enough?”

I give a smile
For even while
My wounds think themselves unloveable
In fact, they are full of love.

We all break
And we all heal.