I dreamt I was made of nectar was originally intended to be a loose self portrait, quick and expressive.  However, I found myself delving into infinite realms of potential juicy detail, so… I went with what I know best.  The hummingbird, a spirit heralding great joy and huge heart is my guide.  He is emanating a nine sided mandala.  The number nine is representative of perfection and completion as the final single digit.   My skin is covered with liquid nectar filagree and the dark side of my face morphs into dragon form.

This piece was in creation during the passing of my father, so it was a great journey transmuting grief into joy and peace through the process of painting it.

One day, when I was having difficulty with the color scheme of the hummingbird, the sun shone through a small west facing window in my room, hit a crystal on my altar, then spread its light across the bird.  I photographed the phenomenon, and painted the spectrum into his feathers.