Golden Purifier, oil on panel, 7″ x 9″, 2010

Original Sold.

Cathartes Aura, or golden purifier is the Latin name for the turkey vulture.  This totem is a very powerful one for me.  They are a living embodiment of the Phoenix, as I see it, as they consume what is dead and create life from it.  These creatures lack a voice box, leaving them only singing in crackles and hisses, the sounds of flame.  I started this painting during a major interna cleanse, and finished it later that month in November of 2010.


Golden Purifier


Archival prints of Golden Purifier, on canvas and paper, signed by the artist:  Please choose from options below.

Canvas prints are limited, Edition of 350, hand-signed, numbered and varnished.  Limited Edition Prints are sold in descending order; prices increase as fewer remain in the edition.

Allow 2 – 3 weeks for canvas orders

Original painting is available for sale.  Please contact the artist for pricing.  Serious inquiries only.

  • 8×10″ archival paper print – $25
  • 10×14″ archival paper print – $45
  • 10×14″ rolled (un-stretched) canvas – $150
  • 10×14″ stretched canvas – $200
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