Be brave and blossom.
It’s safe to bloom,
To unfurl your colors
And take up room.

It’s time now, to open.
It’s okay.
To show your tender petals
To the light of day.
It can be scary
To open completely.
We sometimes feel wary
To unfold ourselves sweetly.

But better to be ravaged
By the winds and the rain,
Then to miss it all,
The bliss and the pain.

Wrapped tight as a bud,
Pressurized potential,
Yearns to burst forth
With blessings torrential.

Bring all of you forward.
Let go and surrender.
It’s okay to bloom,
And show the world your splendor.

For when we all do,
We become the spring.
Fields full of flowers
Make heavy hearts sing.

When we let ourselves shine
And illuminate each other,
We all become the Divine
Heart of the Lover.


Original photo by Sequoia Emmanuelle, headdress by Ka, modeled by the ever lovely Chrysta Bell