I began Aswan years ago while living in Texas.  Still in its impressionistic conceptual phase, It spent some years untouched before being revisited.  There were a pair of swans at the Isis Oasis Sanctuary, north of the bay area in California.  I always loved visiting the swans.  They would always approach people and speak with them in a sweet manner.  I came to Isis Oasis for priestess ordination, and I saw the black swan, Luxor, in a pen with peacocks.  I later saw a pair of large white wings on a table in one of the buildings.  I gasped for I knew these were of the swan.  There had been a city water ordinance declaring they empty their pond for a time.  During these dry months, Aswan was attacked and eaten by either a coyote or a fox, as she was unprotected by her aquatic habitat.  Sadly, Luxor had lost her best ally, her reflection of light, Aswan.  My heart broke open at this, and I finished this painting and dedicated it to Aswan, of Isis Oasis.