Crowning Glory: Headdress Workshop – March 9th & 10th, Asheville, NC



Crowning Glory: Learn to Make Your Own Headdress with Kathryn June, Asheville, NC, March 9th, 12PM-7PM, & March 10th 12PM-7PM


Join us for this two-day intensive workshop, as we liberate the beauty and magic within, by expressing your unique and powerful qualities through crafting your own headdress. Make new friends, enjoy immersing yourself into a creative environment, and bring home a fantastic work of wearable art that you made!

This experience is focused on an exploration of creativity, empowerment, and play.

To wear a crown, or a headdress, has long been a symbol of authority, sovereignty and divinity. Throughout the ages, and around the world, headdresses have been worn by deities, royalty, rulers, shamans, and ceremonialists, to indicate their divine nature and connection to the Divine. They have also been worn as celebratory expressions, character development in story and ritual, indicators of belonging to a tribe or nation, festive occasions, and artistic statement. This workshop is a great opportunity to summon and embody the archetypes of your soul who are longing to be expressed. 

The workshop will begin with an inspirational presentation of headdresses from around the world, followed by a presentation of different styles, materials, and techniques Kathryn has personally utilized in her fifteen years devoted to this craft. After the presentation, we will begin construction of our head pieces, in practicum, with the ability to ask questions and receive hands on assistance from Ka. After the completion of our crowns, we will celebrate with a mini photoshoot of you wearing your finished work of art. 




We will begin with a multicultural exploration on how headdresses have been made and worn in the past and into the present, in a 90 minute presentation and slide show, full of stunning images of headdresses from all over the world. I will share my personal journey, process and philosophy with this art form, as well as the numerous materials and techniques that can be applied within this creative practice. Seeing the vast variety of materials, styles and possibilities will inspire your imagination, and help you envision the crown you will make. We will also discuss cultural appropriation, and how to make a headdress with awareness to cultural sensitivities. I will be offering an array of techniques and tips I have learned to help guide your process, and will hold a brief Q&A.

As you construct your headdress, I will be at hand to advise and assist the process, offer help with technique and design, and answer any questions you may have. There will be various demonstrations throughout the weekend, including the use of feather work, sculptables, thermo plastics, structural support, and more.

After the completion of our headdresses, each participant will have an opportunity to show off their unique creation and share their experiences. We will also set up a mini photo shoot, and get some great pictures of you in your crown to share. 

The workshop will begin on Saturday, March 9th, from 12:00 PM – 7:00PM, and conclude on Sunday, March10th from 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM. 

This will be a fun experience to express yourself in a new way, make new friends, and surprise yourself with your newly discovered abilities. Every participant I have had in the past, has deeply enjoyed this time together, and has been delighted with the headdress(es) they took home with them.

Price: $325, Early bird tickets available through 2/11/2024, at $275.

Note: Materials not included. A huge part, (and a fun part!) of making your own headdress is sourcing your materials. The possibilities are limitless. I will provide a few basics, (a head to work on, and materials for base construction) yet you will need to gather the creative components for your piece. I find this part of the process to be inspiring, and a lot of fun. Most of my headdress ideas come from shopping for things to create with. I will send out a materials list, via email, to each participant upon registration, which also includes ideas, tips and links to find what you are looking for.

It is encouraged to register early, as you will need a couple of weeks to gather your supplies, especially if you plan to order any items online.

You will receive more information and the address upon registration.

Important: Since space is limited to 15 participants, upon registration, you agree to a $75 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. No refunds will be given within 15 days of the workshop, unless someone is found to take your place, except in the case of health or family emergency. Thank you for understanding.

“It is usually our most precious gifts and unique traits that make us feel most vulnerable. No one else holds the exact combination of ability and artistry that you hold, and too often, we try to validate ourselves by comparing who we are to the rest of the world. You cannot be compared. You are here for a specific and wonderful reason. Let it out. Let it be.” – Kathryn

“I believe that every person has an important and irreplaceable gift to share with the world. Sometimes in life we are taught to keep ourselves hidden, but it is my wish to assist in bringing your brilliance out to shine. Bringing forth the essence of who you are, and celebrating your existence with beauty, is what brings me the greatest joy. It’s what I love about this work.  I am committed to expressing my unique beauty in every way that I can, and equally committed to helping you do it too.”



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