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This life is a beautiful and precious gift.  I create art, because I want to give back and contribute more beauty to this world that loves and sustains me.

Ka Amorastreya


Discover a world of art, inspiration, and beauty.

Kathryn “Ka” June’s paintings are deeply touching, exploring worlds beyond words. Her visionary art style blends stunning realism with ancient symbolism, magic, and mythology. Likened to Rudolph Steiner’s “Anthroposophic” works, the colors in her images evoke physical and emotional responses, while carrying a transcendental resonance that seems to defy logical explanation. In this site, you are invited to go deeper and witness her work with animal medicines in her creation of wingwands and performance adornments that can only be described as “breathtaking.” -AA

Collections of her paintings, wingwands, performances, and photographic adventures are available here, as well as a selection of prints available for sale, and links to her own personal inspiration sources. If you are interested in commissioned works, or full size giclée canvasses, please contact Ka.